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Secret of Supersets

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What are Supersets?

Build Muscle and Burn Fat in Less Time
heavy weight burbell
A superset is when you pair two exercises together without taking a rest in between. As you can imagine, by doing this you cut down your workout time significantly. Generally, I reduce my workout time by 40 percent using supersets.
An example of one type of superset is doing one set of the chest press machine followed immediately by doing a set of dumbbell curls. Take a brief rest after the curls, and then do the chest press machine again followed immediately by the dumbbell curls.
The superset workout progresses through a series of supersets. You can focus on 2 muscles for the entire workout or your entire body (more on this below).

Advantages of Supersets

Supersets offer several advantages over traditional workouts. Those advantages are as follows:
• Spend less time working out while getting more done.
• Supersets are both aerobic and anaerobic making them excellent fat burning workouts.
• You can customize your superset workouts to achieve any fitness goal – build muscle, tone muscle, burn fat, get fit, improve flexibility, increase VO2 max, etc.
• Supersets can accommodate any schedule.
• Shock your muscles.

Who Can Do Supersets?

Anyone can do supersets. If you want to build muscle, supersets can do it (especially same-muscle combinations – see below). If you want to burn fat, supersets and circuit training will burn fat. If you want to develop toned muscle, supersets can do this as well.
If you’re training for a particular sport, supersets are an efficient way to workout leaving you more time for training. For example, if you’re a runner but wish to include resistance training in your regimen,

Types of Supersets: Overview

As you’ll see below, there are many types of supersets that can accommodate all kinds of fitness goals. Below the list I explain each type in detail.

1. Different Muscle Combination Supersets
a. Dual Supersets
b. Triple Supersets

2. Same Muscle Combination Supersets
a. Dual Supersets
b. Triple Supersets
3. Bodyweight Supersets
a. Bodyweight Resistance Training Supersets
b. Bodyweight and Cardio Supersets
c. Bodyweight and Yoga Supersets
d. Bodyweight, Cardio and Yoga Supersets
4. Weights and Cardio Supersets
5. Weights and Yoga (Stretching) Supersets
6. Weights, Cardio and Yoga Supersets
7. Yoga and Cardio Supersets
8. Circuit Training
a. Weights Only
b. Weights and Cardio
c. Weights and Yoga
d. Weights, Cardio and Yoga