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Toned Your Muscle - Circuit Training

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Circuit training isn’t the same as supersets, but it’s very similar in concept. It’s an excellent time-saver. Circuit training is NOT for people looking to build serious muscle. However, if you wish to burn fat and/or develop some toned muscle, circuit training can do the job.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is doing one set of chest exercise, followed by back exercise, followed by biceps followed, by triceps followed by shoulders, followed by abdominals followed by quads followed hamstrings followed by calves (not that order necessarily).

Generally you take little or no rest. If you wish to do multiple sets per muscle, you go through the circuit 2 or more times.

Like supersets, circuit training can incorporate non-resistance training elements such as cardio and yoga. Circuit training can include both free weights and weightlifting machines.

Doing different circuits

You can do the same exercises for each circuit you do or do different exercises for each circuit.

For example, if you do 3 circuits for your entire workout (meaning you do 3 sets per muscle), you can do the same weightlifting exercise for each circuit or do different exercises for each muscle during each circuit.

Weights-Only Circuit Training

This is when you do weight training exercises only. One muscle followed by a different muscle. Very little time for rest is taken in between sets. Once the circuit is complete you can rest before doing another circuit.

Weights and Cardio

You can incorporate 30 to 60 seconds of cardio in between your weightlifting sets throughout the circuit to add a more aerobic-nature to the workout.

Because circuit training takes you all over the gym, it’s best to use non-equipment cardio options such as running on the spot or jumping rope. This way you can do your cardio wherever you’re located in the gym. Besides, good luck reserving a treadmill as you use weightlifting machines.

Weights and Yoga/Stretching

Just like incorporating cardio, you can incorporate stretching in between your weightlifting sets. You can crank up the intensity by doing sun salutations in between weightlifting sets.

Weights, Cardio and Yoga

This is doing 30 to 60 seconds of cardio followed by 30 to 60 seconds of stretching (or sun salutations) in between weightlifting exercises while going through your circuit.