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Different Muscle Combination Supersets

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Different muscle combination supersets are one of the most widely used type of superset. This superset is when you work out 2 muscles back-to-back with no rest in between (you can take a brief rest when the entire superset is complete).

Weight Lifting Workout

The best way to explain this superset is using an example. I’ll use a chest and bicep superset combination example.

Example: You do 12 reps of chest press machine (or any chest exercise) followed immediately with 12 reps of dumbbell curls. This is 2 exercises within one superset. Another way of looking at as 2 sets within a set.

There are really 2 types of different-muscle combination supersets: 2-muscle and 3-muscle (a.k.a. dual and triple same muscle supersets).

2-Muscle Dual Supersets
The 2-muscle variety is exactly as the name implies. It’s working out 2 muscles within one set. The above example of chest and biceps is an example of a 2-muscle or dual superset.

3-Muscle Triple Supersets
If you wish to save even more time in the gym, you can do 3-muscle or triple muscle supersets. This is working 3 muscles (3 separate sets) with no rest in between. However, you can take a brief rest (10 to 30 seconds) once the entire superset is complete.

An example would be chest/biceps/triceps. More specifically, chest press machine/dumbbell curls/triceps cable push-down.

Please note that the examples under each type of superset in this section are just examples for illustrative purposes. You do not have to restrict yourself to these particular exercises and muscle combinations. In fact, toward the end of this book, I set out 3 superset workout routines in detail.