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Weights Cardio and Yoga Supersets

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This is straightforward, but intense. Immediately after a set of weightlifting, do 30 to 60 seconds of cardio. You can do body weight-only cardio or use a machine.

Weights and Yoga (Stretching) Supersets

In between weightlifting sets, do stretches. This is a great way to stretch your entire body while weightlifting … killing two birds with one stone. I do this often.

Generally, I do static stretches (i.e. hold the stretch). I also tend to do stretches that don’t require a lot of energy. Most importantly, over the course of the supersets, I ensure I stretch all muscles.

Weights, Cardio and Yoga Supersets

This is a triple superset concept where after a set of weightlifting, you do 30 seconds of cardio followed by 30 seconds of stretching. This leaves very little time for rest so it can be intense (although the stretching is a bit of a resting period).

Yoga and Cardio Supersets

If resistance training isn’t for you, another option for an efficient workout is combining yoga and cardio. After a yoga pose you can do 30 to 90 seconds of intense cardio. This is a spin on the high intensity interval training (HIIT).

With traditional HIIT, you do 30 to 120 seconds of high intensity cardio followed by low intensity cardio (i.e. sprint/walk intervals). The cardio / yoga concept is replacing the low intensity cardio interval with stretching.