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Five Way to Get Six Pack Abs

1. HAVE EXERCISE VARIETY - If you do only one exercise your muscles will adapt to that stress and cease to develop. If you want to achieve proper muscle hypertrophy you have to mix different exercises in order to hit the muscles in new ways, thus making them stronger. It is beneficial to change the weights, rest time and reps often in order to force your body to react.

2. STOP DRINKING CARBONATED DRINKS - Carbonated soft drinks or the so called Soda Pop cause the stom­ach to bulge, which is a serious precondition for its distending. They also slow down the digestion, which is a second precondition for developing distended stomach, since the food stays in the stomach for a long period of time.

Hot Six pack Abs3. DECREASE CARBS IN THE EVENING - Carbohydrates are the main energy source for human body; we need them to have strength and to be active during the day, but their increased intake, especially late at night leads to deposition of fat mainly in the waist and hip area. When we take carbohydrates during the day, when we are awake and performing different physi­cal activities, we have the chance to burn them, but when taking them in the evening before going to bed there is no way to burn them, since the metabolism is much slower while sleeping and extra carbohydrates turn into fat.

4. DO NOT EAT BIG MEALS - Big meals lead to distended stomach. In order to have good physique and silhouette you need not only defined Abs, but also flat stomach. Maybe you have noticed the stomachs of most bodybuilders in loose state.

In order to avoid distended stomach the food intake must be in smaller meals, but in shorter periods of time. The small intake is digested fast and when you eat more often that leads to metabolism acceleration.

5. INCREASE FISH OIL INTAKE - A combination of fish oil and proper training is about as close as you can get to non-surgical spot reduction. Fish oil will help you with increased insulin resistance. Omega 3's can increase insulin sensitivity, which leads to less fat storage and more fat release.